Save Energy This Summer

Save Energy This Summer

Looking to save some energy on hot days? Although the temperatures outside are high, your energy bill doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help you cut down your utility bill and save money this summer.

Energy Savings Tips:

  • Ceiling Fans – Well placed ceiling fans can help spread cool air around your home. Just don’t forget to turn the fan off when you leave! Fans cool people – not rooms.
  • Change Your Air Filter – Dirt and dust can hinder air flow and reduce efficiency. Change your air filters monthly to keep your air conditioner working smoothly.
  • Shorter Showers – The average shower uses 10 gallons of hot water. Taking shorter showers is a great way to save energy.
  • Window Coverings – Blocking direct sunlight with blinds and drapes can help keep your home from heating up and save energy.
  • Air Dry Clothes – Try air drying your clothes outside. This is a great way to save energy on your washing and drying cost.

For more tips on how to save energy this summer, visit the Department of Energy website. You can also learn more about HVAC systems and the services we offer by visiting our website! Call 1-855-GET-WAHL to contact our heating, cooling and plumbing professionals.

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