How Can You Prep Your Home for Spring?

How Can You Prep Your Home for Spring?

Warm weather is right around the corner! Now that is is finally spring, it’s time to start working on spring home maintenance projects. Here are a few items to add to your spring maintenance checklist to help make sure that your home is in good shape.

Spring Maintenance Tips:

  • Clean Your Gutters – Spring is a rainy season. Make sure that your gutters are clear so that you can direct rain away from your home and prevent flooding.
  • Clean HVAC filters – A dirty filter forces your HVAC system to work harder, placing wear and tear on your system and costing you money. Change your filter or clean it when it gets dirty.
  • Check Washing Machine Hose – Look for cracks that could potentially become leaks in your washing machine fill hose. A leaky hose can cause major damage when under pressure.
  • Clear Plants Around AC Compressor – AC compressors need air flow in order to work efficiently. Prune any plant growth that could block the flow of air in the spring.
  • Drain Your Water Heater – Sediment can build in your water heater over time. By draining it, you can prolong the life expectancy of your system and reduce your electric bill.

Check out this article from US News for more home maintenance tips. You can also contact our office with any questions you have about how to improve your HVAC and plumbing systems this spring. Our professional technicians can help you answer any questions you have. Call (412) 265-2662 to contact the professionals at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

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