Save Money On Air Conditioning

Save Money On Air Conditioning

Did you know that the average homeowner spends close to $375 on air conditioning? This is about 17% of your annual energy bill! As we prepare for the warmer summer days, here are a few ways to save money and stay cool this year.

How to Save Money & Energy:

  • Thermostat – Don’t ignore your thermostat. You can save energy by increasing the heat significantly during the day when your family is at school and work. When you are home, aim to keep the thermostat around 78 degrees to balance energy and comfort.
  • Air Filter – Dirty air filters reduce the efficiency of both central and window air conditioning units. We recommend you change your air filter every three months.
  • Annual Checkup – Air conditioners need a checkup too. We offer services that diagnose inefficiencies in your system before you overpay on your energy bill!
  • Energy Star – If you are a due for a new air conditioning unit, consider purchasing an energy star rated system. They use anywhere from 10-25% less energy and you could qualify for a tax credit.

Learn more about how you can save money on air conditioning here. Remember to call (412) 265-2662 for all of your air conditioning needs! We offer repair and installation services, as well as annual tune-ups. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer.

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