High-Tech Toilet Features

High-Tech Toilet Features

Modern toilets are available in a wide range of styles. They are designed with comfort, convenience and cleanliness in mind. Many models even offer a few innovative features. Would you consider any of these high-tech features when shopping for a new toilet?

High-Tech Toilet Features:

  • Dual-Flush Toilet – This money saving option gives you the choice of either a full flush or a lighter flush. Some higher efficiency models also offer a water savings under the government’s 1.6 gallon-per-flush standard.
  • Heated Seats – Many new toilets are electrically warmed.
  • Integrated Bidets – Bidets are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Several high-tech toilets now incorporate a bidet function!
  • Comfort Height – These toilets are designed to be about two inches higher than the standard toilet and are favored among aging homeowners.
  • Motion Activated Seats – These toilet seats have sensors that raise the lid with a wave of your hand. When the toilet is unoccupied, both the seat and the lid automatically lower.

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