What to Do When You Have Low Water Pressure

What to Do When You Have Low Water Pressure

Do you have low water pressure in your home? Here are a few tips to help you manage your plumbing issue. If you’re still having trouble, our plumbing technicians can help you diagnose your plumbing problem!

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Check Your Hot Water – If you only have low pressure when using hot water, the problem might be with your water heater.
  • Check Your Faucet – Are you experiencing low water pressure throughout your house or just in one location? Knowing where the problems area is can help you determine the cause behind your low water pressure. If the problem is with your faucet, your aerator might have debris blocking the water flow.
  • Check Shut-Off Valves – If you can’t pinpoint a specific location for your plumbing problem, then it might be an overall problem. Check your PRV and water shutoff valves.
  • Check for Leaks – You might have a plumbing leak! Leaking toilet water, cracks in your plumbing pipes and faucet drips can all lower your water pressure.

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