How Ceiling Fans Can Help You Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill

How Ceiling Fans Can Help You Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill

Summer weather is perfect for outdoor BBQs, trips to the beach, and spending the day at the park. However, when it comes to spending time at home, hot and humid weather can make sleeping at night difficult. While turning on your air conditioning system is essential to keeping your home cool – taking advantage of your ceiling fans can help you save energy and money!

How Ceiling Fans Help You Save:

  • You Feel Cooler – While ceiling fans don’t create cool air, they do create a breeze that helps your skin feel cooler.
  • They Distribute Conditioned Air – As the fan spins, the blades push air downwards. If your central air unit vents are located on the ceiling, the fan will push the cool air downwards and make the room feel substantially cooler!

Check out this article from How Stuff Works for more information on how to save money this summer.

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