How Water Purification Can Improve Your Drinking Water

How Water Purification Can Improve Your Drinking Water

Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day is a no-brainer. However, what many people don’t realize is that bad bottled water is for the environment, your health, and your wallet. Take a look at some of these facts to understand how you should be drinking your water.

  • Tap Water – Tap water has to travel a long distance before it comes out of your kitchen sink. While the water does get treated with chlorine, ammonia, and fluoride, it is a good idea to treat your water.
  • Bottled Water – Despite popular belief, bottled water is not safer than tap water. This one fact makes us question why we spend money on bottled water every day. Not only is the cost wasteful in your wallet, but it is immensely wasteful in the environment. To produce one liter of water, three liters is needed. Of all of the plastic bottles produced, ⅔ of them end up in landfills. Not a very environmentally-friendly alternative.
  • Filtration – An alternative to regular tap water and bottled water, is a water filtration system certified by the NSF. Installing a filtration system in your home for drinking, and even showering, can greatly reduce the amount of contaminants in your water. You can install an under-the-counter system that is under the sink and very effective at filtration. Countertop filters are also available at a lower cost without the permanent fixtures. If a filtration system isn’t what you’re looking for, water pitchers work as well.They do not work as effectively as the under-the-counter and countertop systems, but still offer filtered water in a small and portable manner.

It is important to always filter your water. Getting rid of the nasty contaminants will ensure that your drinking water is clean and healthy. Staying away from wasteful plastic bottles and purifying your tap can provide great results for your health. Interested in learning more about water filtration systems? Wahl Family Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help answer any questions you may have!

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