How to Prep Your Home for Your Summer Vacation

How to Prep Your Home for Your Summer Vacation

Planning a summer vacation? After you purchase your plane tickets and pack your bags, you’ll want to also make sure that your home is safe and secure while your away. These tips will help you prep your home for your summer vacation.

Home Prep Tips:

  • Turn Off Your Main Water Valve – Prevent flooding damage while you’re away by turning off your main water valve. This way, even if there is a problem with your home plumbing, you won’t come back home to a flooded basement.
  • Raise the Temperature on Your Thermostat – While you’re away, you can raise the temperature of your home. Since you won’t be taking advantage of the air conditioning while you’re away, you can save on your home cooling costs.
  • Set Sprinklers on a Timer – Keep your sprinklers on an automatic timer so that your lawn stays watered while you’re away.
  • Have Someone Check In – Have a trusted friend or family member check in on your home while you’re gon to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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