Tips for Purchasing a New Water Heater

Tips for Purchasing a New Water Heater

Selecting a new water heater for your home is a big decision! You want to make sure your new unit will not only provide enough hot water to you and your family but will be energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. There are so many different options of water heaters to choose from–from conventional to tankless to solar, the options seem endless! While the type you select is based on personal preference, here are some things to consider on your search:

Fuel type, availability, and cost: The fuel type or energy source you use for water heating will not only affect the water heater’s annual operation costs but also its size and energy efficiency. Certain fuel types will only be available in your area and will help narrow your search, but options include electric, fuel oil, geothermal energy and solar to name a few.
Size: In order to provide your home with enough hot water and to maximize efficiency, you need to make sure that you have a properly sized water heaters.
Energy efficiency: Let’s face it, utility bills and savings are huge factors in our decision to purchase appliances. Do some research on the energy efficiency of a water heater before you purchase it. This will give you an idea of how hefty your bills might be and avoid surprises down the road.
Cost: Initial costs of your water heater is most definitely a factor when deciding which to purchase. It’s also a good idea to estimate annual operating costs with each unit and compare those costs with other less or more energy-efficient models to help make your decision.

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