Heat Pump Myths

Heat Pump Myths

In a world dominated by technology, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to keeping their houses warm. However, that technology also allows for false information to be spread about the way certain home-heating methods work – we’re looking at you Google! We’re here to fix that and debunk a few heat pump myths.

  1. They Don’t Work in Cold Climates: Hyper-heat systems can perform at 100% capacity in five-degree outdoor weather and can still function in as low as to -13 degrees, so they are a great supplement to existing central heating systems. Ductless heat pumps offer higher efficiency ratings than boiler-based systems so they cost less to operate by creating the maximum amount of heat from the energy consumed.
  2. They Collect Dust & Bacteria: Most split-ductless heat pumps are made with filter systems and self-cleaning functions to prevent the settling of bacteria and spores.The plastic filters that cover the heat exchanger can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Plus, an internal fan dries the exchanger completely so any chances of bacterial growth are ousted.
  3. They’re More Expensive to Run: Compared to oil or gas heaters, the cost of split-ductless heat pumps is dependent on several factors, including the climatic region and energy type. However, studies have shown that using an electric heat pump can save you up to $2,000 in energy costs annually.
  4. They Don’t Have a Long Life Cycle: Just because heat pumps operate year-round, that doesn’t mean they have a short lifespan. The biggest effect on your heat pump’s life cycle is a lack of service and preventative maintenance. Think about it: you drive your car year-round, but you don’t expect it to break down for that reason alone.
  5. They Only Work Well for Newly-Built Homes: Any heating system, including a heat pump, is more efficient in newly-built homes that are well insulated; but heat pumps work perfectly well in existing homes. They are an especially good option for homeowners who want to add air conditioning and upgrade their heating system.

Heat pumps are a better home-heating option than many homeowners may think. Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing can install a new heat pump in your home and help you save on your annual energy costs. Already have a heat pump? Extend its lifespan with maintenance done by Wahl!

For more information about installing and maintaining heat pumps in your home, #CallWahl at (412) 265-2662.

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