Why Switch to Radiant Heating

Why Switch to Radiant Heating

Every homeowner has his or her own opinion of what the best home-heating option is; and of course, there are ups and downs for each method. While it is still not wildly popular yet, radiant heating is on the rise to replace traditional heating systems like forced-air and radiator units. There are plenty of reasons to switch to radiant heating to keep your home warm.

  1. Practical Alternative: Since radiant heating can be installed in your floor, many homeowners think of the system as a luxury only meant for high-end bathrooms and pool decks. While some in-floor heating systems are only meant to be supplementary, the reality is that radiant heating often surpasses the performance of traditional heating systems.
  2. Higher Efficiency: Radiant heating performs at least 25% more efficiently than forced-air systems. Since it doesn’t require any ductwork, there is very little heat loss between the heat source and the affected space. Plus, higher efficiency equals lower energy bills for homeowners.
  3. Silent Operation: Many homeowners think appliances should run quietly, but they don’t hold that same standard when it comes to their heating systems. While traditional systems hiss, tap, and puff, radiant heating is virtually silent and unnoticeable, providing a peaceful performance.
  4. Better Indoor Air Quality: Forced-air, the heating system that many American homes have, has the major drawbacks of drying out indoor air and collecting allergy-causing particles in its ductwork. Radiant heating doesn’t involve any ductwork so it’s allergy-friendly and better for your health.

If you are looking to change or update your heating system, radiant heating is a solid option for saving money and adding more convenience to your home. Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can help you update your heating system in the Pittsburgh Metro area since we’ve been trusted to serve homeowners and businesses since 1980! Call us today at (412) 265-2662 for more information.

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