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Air Conditioning Reminders

Want to save money on home cooling? Keeping your air conditioner in good shape can help reduce the cost of your monthly utility bill. Don’t forget to take these critical maintenance steps to help keep your unit running efficiently.

Air Conditioning Reminders:

  • Seal the Unit – Most window air conditioning units come with accordion flaps, but they don’t always fit just right. Foam weather strips can help fill in the gaps!
  • Clean Your AC – Air conditioners can become dusty and grimy over the summer. When you put yours away at the end of the season, clean it first! If you have a central AC system, have the unit cleaned by a professional.
  • Use a Window Fan – At night, window fans can be a great way to bring cool air in from outside. It’s much cheaper than running your ac all night.

Check out this article for more tips on how to keep your house cool. You can also learn more about how the services we offer by visiting our website! If you are experiencing any problems with your cooling system or you want it to run more efficiently, call 1-855-GET-WAHL to contact our heating, cooling and plumbing professionals.