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How to Get Rid of Air Conditioner Mold

Suffering from spring allergies? Keep allergens out of your home by keeping your air conditioning ducts clean! Here are a few ways to keep your A/C free of mold, dust and other allergens this spring.

How to Remove Mold:

  • Clean the Ducts – The first step in keeping mold out of your ducts is to remove any that is there. Clean the ducts, evaporator coils and blower.
  • Change Your HVAC Filter – Filters get dirty over time. As the air flows through your system, the filters catch dust and dirt. Change to a good-quality pleated filter this spring. This will help dust particles from getting into your ducts and keep your system in good shape.
  • Install a UV Light – Ultraviolet lights can stop mold from growing back, even on humid days. Just be careful – UV lights are strong!

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