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How To: Prevent Water Damage

When you think of water damage, you probably think of hurricanes, floods, or torrential rain. In reality, this kind of damage can be done by failing household appliances just as easily. Luckily, these tips can help you prevent water damage in your home.

Know Your Main Water Supply
Make sure you are aware of where your main water supply is located in your home in case you need to shut it off during an emergency. If you plan to be away from your home for a while, especially during winter, shut off the water supply and drain your pipes. You don’t want to risk a pipe freezing and bursting while you’re not home to handle it.

Check Your Appliances
Regularly inspect showers, toilets, sinks, and dishwashers to make sure there are no leaks or signs of corrosion. If you spot any signs of damage, fix them yourself, or call a professional to repair them. A simple fix now could save you valuable time and money later on.

Maintain Hoses
When it comes to your fridge and washing machine, the hoses you use can have a big effect on protecting your home from water damage. Old and brittle washing machine hoses are one of the top causes of water loss for homeowners, so replace yours regularly to avoid a mess. Also, use a braided copper hose for
your refrigerator, as these are more resistant to cracking.

Keep an Eye on Your Water Bill
Since so many pipes are hidden behind the wall, you may not even notice a leak until it’s too late. Check your water bill carefully each month. If you notice a spike in your water costs, there’s a pretty good chance you have a leak. It’s best to call the professionals to have them determine where the leak is and how to handle it.

While water damage can be a big problem when it occurs, these tips can help you monitor your home and prevent damage from happening in the first place. If you do end up needing professional help for a water problem, #CallWahl for all your plumbing needs and repairs.

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