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How To Identify Common HVAC System Scams

Familiarize Yourself With These Common HVAC Scams

Sure, parts don’t last forever and your heating and cooling system will undeniably need to be replaced at some point. However, there are lots of contractors and technicians out there who aren’t so honest when it comes to identifying and diagnosing problems that really aren’t problems at all. See below for a few of the more common hvac system scams and myths so that you can stick up for yourself in certain situations:

1 - “This Needs To Be Replaced Right Away”

If you’ve ever had an hvac technician inspect your system, chances are you’ve heard this phrase before. The ones who are not-so-honest might tell you things aren’t working properly or that they’re old and worn out even if they’re working perfectly fine.

If your home seems to be heating or cooling as it always does and you’re not hearing strange noises or smelling irregular odors, you probably don’t need to “replace that part or component right away.”

2 - “You Need A Larger System For Better Comfort”

Larger systems typically cost more money for commonsensical reasons and that’s why some hvac techs try to sell you on “bigger and better” models. The truth is, systems that are too large for any given space will actually cost you more to run and can experience more frequent problems and issues than a system that’s properly sized.

3 - “You Need A Tune-Up Before Every Season”

The truth is, tune-ups are extremely important and regular maintenance is the key to making your system last for years to come. However, there are people out there who will tell you that you need one before every season which upon doing some simple math, comes out to four times per year.

You should schedule a tune-up at least once a year, and maybe twice if your system is experiencing issues or is approaching the end of its lifespan (roughly 10-20 years). If your system does in fact require more than two tune-ups, or several repairs, each year it probably makes more financial sense to have a new system installed.

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