Electric vs Gas Furnaces: The Perfect Choice For You


Electric vs Gas Furnaces: The Perfect Choice For You

Electric vs Gas Furnaces: The Perfect Choice For You

Every home needs an energy source. Whether you want a more efficient, cost-saving alternative or a traditional, reliable option, electric furnaces and gas furnaces are the perfect choices for your home. Both heating systems provide a warming heat that is easy to regulate. They also have different levels of efficiency. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you choose the perfect one for your home. 


The Difference Between Electric and Gas Furnaces

Electric furnaces are cost-effective and offer a low carbon footprint. This is great for eco-conscious homeowners. They require less maintenance than gas furnaces and they typically don’t need to be cleaned out as often. They also tend to be quieter than their gas counterparts.

Gas furnaces, on the other hand, are energy-efficient and low-maintenance but are much more expensive than electric models. Additionally, they emit a bit of heat that may be uncomfortable for some people in some areas of the home.

If you’re looking for efficiency and an easy way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round, electric furnaces might be the perfect choice for you!


Benefits of Gas Furnace

One major advantage of gas is that they produce heat quicker than electric heating, so it’s more efficient. Gas takes less energy to heat the air circulating through your home, which saves you money on utility bills. Gas-powered furnaces are also better for colder climates because they can operate at higher temperatures than electric and create a warm atmosphere in your home faster.

Benefits of Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are a safer, more eco-friendly option for heating your home without the risk of oil or gas leaks. They also don’t use carbon monoxide to heat your home and they keep it fire safe. Electricity is a necessity in life, but not so with other heating sources like gas. Due to the widespread use and availability of electric heating, they are much cheaper to purchase and install. That makes it easier for people who need heat when they’re cold or just want something a little warmer than room temperature.

Wahl Recommends Gas Furnaces!

Gas furnaces are typically more efficient than electric systems, especially in cold areas like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gas furnaces provide steady heat and can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch. They also require less maintenance.

Additionally, gas is a more affordable option than electric heating systems. This is because they often come with a lifetime warranty or low-cost energy-saving features. You can always look at our financing options as well!