Are There Summer Allergies?

Are There Summer Allergies?

Every spring, we excitedly leave the cold of winter only to be welcomed by spring allergies. And while we wish we could say that allergies only affect us in spring, the reality is that summer allergies exist too, and they can wreak havoc on our bodies and comfort. But once you know which summer allergies are most common, you can work to protect yourself against them.

Common Summer Allergies

Plant Pollen

Trees, flowers, and other plants don’t stop spreading pollen once summer rolls around. In fact, tree pollen is usually highest toward the end of spring and beginning of summer, while grass pollen is at its peak during the earlier summer months and ragweed is a killer towards the end of summer.


High summer temperatures can mean high humidity levels, especially if there is a lot of rain or general moisture in your area. All that extra moisture can allow mold to develop both outside and inside your home, with certain kinds of mold being more prominent towards the end of summer. While mold can trigger general allergies, it can also be very dangerous to breathe in.

Fruit Pollen

Just like other plants, fruits can spread pollen through the air and aggravate your allergies. Usually, these don’t cause too harmful of reactions, but we doubt you want to deal with even the slightest allergy symptoms.

How to Protect Yourself from Summer Allergies

Go Outside Later in the Day

Summer allergies spread the most when it’s warm and bright outside, so try to switch your plans to later times in the day and avoid the peak times for allergens to be in the air. For example, instead of going for a 6 a.m. run, go for a 6 p.m. run.

Wash Your Clothes After Being Outside

Even if you can’t see pollen or mold spores on your clothes, chances are, they’re there. After spending time outside, wash your clothes quickly rather than allow them to sit around and spread allergens attached to them.

Install Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can be a big relief when it comes to summer allergies since they work to remove allergens from your home’s air entirely.

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