Are Your Doors Contributing to Energy Loss?

Are Your Doors Contributing to Energy Loss?

Do yourself a favor: stop and think long and hard about all the little things you do around your house that waste energy. If you’re like most people, your main offenses probably include leaving the fridge door open for way too long and sleeping with your heat on while the window is also open. However, there’s another thing you probably do that also contributes to energy loss: leaving your doors open or having the wrong doors entirely.

How Doors Contribute to Energy Loss

While it would be ideal for every inch of space of your home to be warm during winter, more often than not, there are going to be a few spots that aren’t.

Now, when the doors connecting certain spaces (such as your attached garage) and outdoor spaces to the rest of your home aren’t energy-efficient, they can add to the energy loss in your home. Not only does that make your home uncomfortable chilly, but it also costs you money and puts more of a strain on your heating system.

Doors Can Be Energy-Efficient?

Yes! While most people only think of appliances and electronic devices as being energy-efficient, something as seemingly simple as a door can be too! Your doors have a big effect on your energy loss. These two factors, in particular, make a big difference:


Certain types of doors are more insulated than others, while some doors are basically hollow and allow air to escape through and around them. Especially when it comes to your exterior doors, make sure to choose better-insulated options.

Open vs. Closed

Simply put, if you leave your attached garage or backdoor open, even slightly, you’re allowing cold air to enter your home and warm air to escape it — that accounts for a lot of energy loss and forces your heating system to work harder to make up for the loss.

Take a good look at the doors around your home. If they’re not the best models for good energy efficiency, consider replacing them with better ones.

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