Can I Run My AC 24/7?

Can I Run My AC 24/7?

Now that we’ve officially entered summer, we’re pretty sure your AC has become your best friend. It’s an essential part of keeping your home comfortable and preventing your furniture from getting covered in sweat.

You may be running your AC 24/7 to keep your home cool 24/7, but here’s the thing — that’s a really bad idea.

Can I Run My AC 24/7?

Sure, you can — but you shouldn’t. There are a lot of negative consequences to running your AC constantly that you’re not going to like.

You Waste a Ton of Energy

Your HVAC system is already one of the bigger energy-users in your house — and that’s when it at least cycles off regularly. If you let it run 24/7, you use even more energy — which doesn’t benefit anyone.

You Hurt Our Environment

All that energy you’re wasting puts a big strain on our environment. Our planet only has so many resources, and if you’re constantly running your AC, that uses more energy and resources that our planet can’t replace nearly as quickly as you’re using them.

You Wear Down Your System

Imagine if you had to run day in and day out. Your body would break down pretty quickly because it’s not meant to work like that. Your AC is the same way. The longer it runs for, the more wear-and-tear it develops, and that runs the risk of it breaking down sooner.

You Hike Up Your Utility Bills

Remember how we said you use way more energy when you run your AC 24/7? All that energy use is going to show up on your monthly utility bill, and you’ll be shocked at how much of an impact it can make. If you want to avoid that, give your AC a break and let it cycle off as usual.

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