Common Insulation Myths

Common Insulation Myths

How often does your home’s insulation cross your mind? If we had to guess, it’s not too often. That’s likely because not many homeowners know a lot about insulation besides that it looks like giant blocks of pink cotton candy — which isn’t always the case, by the way.

The only thing worse than not knowing a lot about insulation is knowing the wrong information. That’s why we’re going to set the record straight about some common insulation myths.

Insulation Can Damage Your Home

False! When you have your home’s insulation professional and properly installed, it shouldn’t damage your home in any way. Notice we said “professionally.” DIY insulation installation can sometimes result in home damage, so leave this to the pros.

Insulation Only Matters in Cold Weather

Insulation works to reduce the amount of air that passes between the inside and outside of your home, so it’s important to have year-round. During the summer, your insulation will keep cool air inside your home, and during winter, it will keep warm air inside — and prevent the opposite temperature air from getting inside your home during both seasons.

Insulation Only Affects Energy Efficiency

While proper insulation does help improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, it has a lot of other benefits as well. It can help prevent pipe and air duct corrosion and stop mold growth via excess moisture in your home as well.

Insulation Comes in One Form

Most homeowners picture the pink, cotton-candy fiber-glass batts found in many older homes. However, insulation also comes in mineral wood, loose-fill, cotton batts, and spray foam forms. A good insulation professional will know the best option for your home and budget.


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