Dangerous Things Your Kids May Throw Down Your Toilet

Dangerous Things Your Kids May Throw Down Your Toilet

Potty training is probably one of the funniest things about raising a child — funny in that stressful, “what have I gotten myself into” kind of way. Of course, most parents are too busy teaching their kids what they should put in the toilet that they forget to pay attention to the things they shouldn’t put in there.

Such begins the horrors of all of the things your kids may end up attempting to flush down your toilets. Prepare yourself!

Your Keys

Everybody knows this familiar horror story: you’re late for work, can’t find your keys, and then you find your child just as they’re dropping them straight into the toilet. There’s no need to explain why keys in the toilet are such a bad thing.

To avoid this, try making sure that your keys are always hanging up somewhere out of reach of your children.


You’ve noticed that your kids seem to keep losing all of their toys, but it’s not until a week later that you catch them trying to flush one of those toys down the toilet. While some toys may be small, many are much larger and probably won’t even be able to make it down the drain.

Of course, this means that your child may be tempted to continuously flush in an attempt to get it down, which is just as bad for your toilet as actually having the toy go down the pipes. If they manage to get them down, you’re probably in for a big clog.

Your Phone

Given how much we have come to rely on these technological devices, there’s probably nothing scarier than finding out that your child has thrown your phone in the toilet, whether or not it’s been flushed. Even though your toilet is safe when it doesn’t get flushed, you’ll still be left with a damaged phone in the end.

The best thing to do to avoid this is to only ever let your child use your phone while they’re being supervised. Otherwise, keep your phone somewhere where your children can’t get to it.

If any of things take a trip down your toilet, you could be in for a heap of plumbing problems — and that’s not how we assume you’d like to start your day.

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