Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Water

Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Water

Did you know that water accounts for ⅓ of your utility bill? Going through the motions every day, you may not realize how much water you’re using, much less how much you’re wasting. With a few simple changes in your actions around your home, you can stop wasting water and save yourself money on your utility bills.

Turn Your Faucets Off

When you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands, don’t leave the faucet running. All you’re doing is letting perfectly good water go right down your drain. Instead, turn the faucet on to wet your hands or brush, turn it off while you’re washing or brushing, and turn it back on to rinse.

Water Your Yard During Certain Times

It’s better to water your grass and plants during the early morning or late evening since
it’s cooler and the water will actually stay on your greenery. Watering during the middle of the day is a waste since the hot sun evaporates the water more quickly, causing you to water your yard more often.

Take Shorter Showers

Let’s be honest — you spend about 25% of your time in the shower actually washing and the other 75% daydreaming and singing for an imaginary audience. Start using your shower just to get clean, and then relax somewhere without running water. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll save.

Stop Using Your Toilet as a Garbage Can

The only thing that should go down your toilet is human waste. Wipes, sanitary items, and other garbage don’t belong in there, especially if that’s all you’re getting rid of. Your toilet uses about seven gallons of water per flush, so just toss any garbage into your trash can.

Fix Your Leaks

A big reason people end up wasting water is because leaks go undetected. If you think you have any leaks in your home, call a plumber to replace them right away.

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