Fighting Dry Air in the Winter

Fighting Dry Air in the Winter

Winter can be wonderful with all the hot chocolate, ice skating, and snowball fights; but along with those fun activities, winter also brings something else: low humidity. Since it can be irritating to your health and home, follow these tips for fighting dry air in the winter.

Collect Houseplants

Certain kinds of plants act as nature’s own air purifiers. Species such as Bamboo Palm, English Ivies, and Weeping Figs, have been scientifically proven to remove impurities from the air, making your home more comfortable. Plus, the plants also act as pretty decorations.

Stick to the Stovetop

It may be tempting to use your oven for the majority of your cooking, but doing so increases the dry air in your home. Using your stovetop actually raises humidity levels, so use that method of cooking to decrease the level of dry air in your home.

Crack a Window

If there happens to be a winter day that is warmer than most, crack a few windows. The air may be chilly, but it provides your home with some nice relief to the stuffy, dry air that has been stuck inside.

Install a Humidifier

The easiest way to fight dry air in your home is by installing a humidifier. Once you turn on your heat, the air in your home gets drier. Having a whole-home humidifier can add moisture to the air making your home more comfortable.

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