Good Uses for Coffee Grounds Around Your Home

Good Uses for Coffee Grounds Around Your Home

After you’ve made your morning cup of Joe, what do you do with the grounds? If you’re like most people, you toss them into the garbage and don’t give it a second thought. However, there are actually plenty of awesome uses for coffee grounds around your home that you should consider trying.

Pest Repellent

Are slugs, snails, or other bugs destroying your garden? Sprinkle some coffee grounds on the soil to keep them away and keep your plants growing strong.

Skin Exfoliant

If you were looking for a more natural exfoliant than what you’re finding in stores, you’re in luck. Mix some coffee grounds with coconut oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and you’ll have an easy DIY exfoliant without all the chemicals of store-bought products.

Compost Material

Coffee grounds are very rich in nitrogen, making them a wonderful addition to your compost heap. They’ll help break down other organic materials in the pile and leave you with a rich fertilizer to use for your indoor or outdoor plants.

Dish Cleaner

Since coffee grounds are abrasive, you can use them when washing your dishes to get rid of stuck-on food. Don’t worry about scratching your plates, however. The grounds aren’t so abrasive that they will damage your dishware.

Fireplace Cleaner

One of the biggest issues with cleaning your fireplace is getting rid of all the soot and smoke that is left after you’ve let a fire. Luckily, sprinkling coffee grounds around the fireplace will help prevent smoke and soot from rising up and entering your home — and that’s good for your indoor air quality!

Your indoor air quality is something you should always keep in mind. If your home habits or HVAC system leave you with poor indoor air quality, ask the experts at Wahl how certain products can help.