How Snow Can Affect Your Furnace

How Snow Can Affect Your Furnace

By now, you’re probably well aware that the cold weather has arrived and snow is going to call Pittsburgh its home for the next few months. While all that snow may seem pretty right now, it can actually be the cause of some ugly situations. In fact, snow can affect your furnace, create the need for repairs, and cause some major damage to your home, even putting your family’s lives in danger.

Snow can block furnace vents such as your furnace’s air intake.

In order to properly treat and cycle air throughout your home, your furnace is constantly taking in air from outside to replace air it has used. If snow gets up against the side of your home, it can block your furnace’s air intake and cause it to work harder and potentially break down.

Snow can block your furnace’s exhaust.

Just as your furnace takes in air, it also pushes air out of your home after it has used it. If piled-up or packed-in snow blocks your furnace’s exhaust, pressure and heat can build up and potentially cause a fire in your home.

Snow can cause corrosion.

Your furnace and its relative parts are typically made of metal — and metal corrodes when it gets too much moisture. The snow sitting against or on top of your outdoor heat pump or other HVAC unit can cause water damage that can corrode your system.

Snow can bend fans or fins.

Snow can be heavy, especially if/when it turns to ice. That kind of weight can easily bend the fans in your outdoor HVAC unit, leading to repairs that would probably be otherwise unnecessary if the snow had been cleared.

When you go to shovel your driveway and walkways, take a few extra minutes to clear the snow from any exhaust areas your furnace uses as well as off any outdoor units. You’ll be glad you did.

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