How to Get Rid of Your Old AC

How to Get Rid of Your Old AC

After years of it keeping you and your family comfortable during the hot months, your air conditioner will eventually have to enter retirement, and you’ll have to start looking for a replacement. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw your old unit onto the curb. There are plenty of safer, more beneficial ways to get rid of your old AC.

Look for Reward Services

In an effort to have more people recycle their old air conditioning units, there are certain programs that offer you a type of “bounty” or reward for recycling your unit. These programs will give you rebates or discounts towards a new unit — so it’s like your getting paid to get rid of your old unit properly. Ask your local utility provider if there is a program like this in your area.

Ask Your Retailer to Take It

Sometimes, when they deliver your new unit, your HVAC retailer will haul away the old unit. Depending on the company, your retailer may take the old unit for free as part of their service, or they may take it as a trade-in.

Donate It

If you’re simply upgrading to a more efficient unit and your unit isn’t in too bad of shape or old, consider donating it to charity. There are plenty of organizations who could benefit from having that air conditioning unit — plus you could get a tax deduction if you donate the unit to an eligible organization.

Throw It Out

If you have no better option than to junk your old AC, make sure you call your local garbage facility to ensure you’re disposing of it the right way. More often than not, an AC will need to be part of a special pick up so your trash company can dispose of it safely.

When you’re ready to replace your old AC with a newer, more efficient unit, the experts at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing are ready to help you choose the best unit for your cooling needs. Give us a call today to schedule a service!