How to Know Your Thermostat is Working Properly

How to Know Your Thermostat is Working Properly

How many times have you told your kids “Don’t touch the thermostat?” If you’re like most parents, it’s a good number of times. The thermostat is a sacred thing in a household — it, quite literally, controls your comfort.

But since you can’t always tell the difference between a few degrees of warm or cold air, how do you know if your thermostat is working properly and operating your HVAC system at its best efficiency? Well, you look out for these signs.

Your Furnace Won’t Start

This is probably one of the most obvious signs your thermostat isn’t working the right way. First off, make sure your thermostat is set to the right temperature. If it’s not, it won’t detect when it needs to kick the furnace on and the unit won’t run.

If the settings are all right, check a few components on the thermostat. Cut the power (to avoid the risk of electrocution) and take a look at the fuses, wires, and screws inside the unit. If anything is loose or corroded, the thermostat won’t work the right way. That can also be caused by a buildup of dust or dirt inside the unit.

Your Furnace is Constantly On

While you obviously don’t want a furnace that never turns on, you also don’t want one that never turns off — talk about high energy bills! Most times, if your thermostat is causing your furnace to constantly run or switch on and off too often, it’s because it’s dirty and need to be cleaned or isn’t level.

Your Numbers are Different

Tape a thermostat to the wall of one of your rooms, wait a few hours, and check to see if the temperature reading matches the thermostat settings. If the numbers are different, that means your thermostat isn’t getting an accurate reading or is malfunctioning. This can be caused by:

  • Poor Placement: If your thermostat is in the line of direct sunlight or is by a draft, such as a door or a window, its reading will be off.

  • Off-Balance: Your thermostat needs to be completely level in order for its internal components to get an accurate temperature reading.

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