How to Know You’re Pushing Your Luck with Your Heating System

How to Know You’re Pushing Your Luck with Your Heating System

Around St. Patrick’s Day, people start talking about the “luck of the Irish”,” but what about the “luck of the HVAC”? Well, here’s the thing — there’s no such thing. No amount of luck can keep your HVAC system in good shape, only regular maintenance and timely replacements can. So that begs the question — are you pushing your luck with your heating system? You might be if any of these things apply to your system.

It’s Seriously Old

Typical heating systems are only meant to last 15-20 years. If yours is older than that, you’re pushing your luck in terms of efficiency. Older systems don’t run nearly as efficiently as new ones, so you’ll be giving up more of your pot of gold to cover your utility costs.

It’s Running Longer

At this point, your heating system should be past adjusting to winter temperature changes, so if it’s still running for longer periods of time, or doesn’t stop running at all, it’s just a matter of time until it breaks down on you.

It Makes Weird Noises

Some operating noises are normal, but if your heating system is making enough banging sounds to mimic that of an Irish drumming group, you may have a serious problem on your hands. And if it’s screeching like out-of-tune bagpipes, you need to call an HVAC professional ASAP.

It Constantly Needs Repairs

If you’ve reached the bottom of your pot of gold (wallet) because of how often your heating system needs repairs, it’s time to accept that you’re pushing your luck with it and need a new unit. All those repair costs can add up to the equivalent of a new unit, so you’re better off bucking up and opting for a replacement.

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