How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Anyone who lives in PA knows that our winters can be cold at best and brutal at worst. While we’re sure you’ve taken measures to stay toasty in your home, have you done the same for your pipes? When the outside temperatures drop, your pipes are very susceptible to freezing.

If you want to avoid the mess that can result from frozen pipes, here’s how you can work to prevent them.

Open Up Your Cabinets

This is especially important if your kitchen or bathroom sinks are on an exterior wall. Open up your cabinet doors so the warm air in your home can circulate around those pipes and prevent them from freezing.

Let Cold Water Drip

Normally, we advise against having dripping faucets, but in this case, a little drip can go a long way in preventing frozen pipes. Let the cold water drip from your faucets just a bit — the moving water helps prevent freezing and blockages.

Don’t Open Garage Doors

Garages and basements are more susceptible to frozen pipes since these areas tend to be less insulated. Unless you really have to, don’t open your garage doors, since this lets in a lot of cold air that can cause your pipes to freeze.

Turn Up Your Heat

To keep the pipes inside your walls safe from freezing, turn up your thermostat a few degrees. The warmer the air in your home is, the less chance your pipes will have of freezing. Just don’t turn up the temperature too much since that can increase your energy bills more — a couple of degrees will be just fine.

Invest in Heat Tape

If you’re really worried about the exposed pipes in your garage, basement, or crawlspace, invest in some heat tape. Wrapping it around the pipes will keep them safe from freezing.

If you find yourself with frozen pipes this winter, call Wahl at 412-276-9245 before they burst and leave you with a huge mess. We’re always here when you need us!