How to Set Your Thermostat Before You Leave for Vacation

How to Set Your Thermostat Before You Leave for Vacation

Everyone loves a good vacation this time of year! But while the kids are planning what amusement parks they want to visit and what clothes they’ll pack, Mom & Dad have to worry about other things — such as your house and AC system.

Since there isn’t much point to running your AC when you’re not home, but you also don’t want to come back to a sauna or ice box, you should give some thought to how you’ll set your thermostat before you leave for vacation.

How to Set Your Thermostat Before You Leave for Vacation

For a Summer Vacation

When you’re going on a summer vacation, aim to set your thermostat about four degrees warmer than it’s normally set. If you make it much warmer than normal, you could make your home too warm and humid — that’s uncomfortable for you and dangerous for your home.

Not only that, but remember the money you’re probably going to save by raising the temperature a smidge? You’ll end up spending it trying to get your home back to its former cool and comfortable temperature.

For a Winter Vacation

In the colder months, set your thermostat four degrees lower. However, if you have a gas furnace you can lower it up to eight degrees since gas furnaces tend to not use as much energy.

It’s important to never turn your furnace completely off during the winter since this can lead to your pipes getting too cold, freezing, and bursting — talk about a mess.

For an Extended Vacation

You may notice that your thermostat has a button labeled “hold.” This setting lets you override your current settings until you take the hold setting off.

If you’re going on an extended trip, you should consider turning on the “hold” function so your HVAC system maintains a consistent temperature while you’re away and doesn’t waste energy — or your money.


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