How To Show Your Plumbing Some Love

How To Show Your Plumbing Some Love

Why Is Plumbing Maintenance Important?

Think about the last time some piece of your plumbing system failed or stopped working. You probably didn’t realize how important that pipe or that fixture was until something went wrong, right? Well, the key to avoiding home plumbing issues is to perform simple maintenance tasks regularly. Here’s how to show your plumbing some love:


Check to make sure faucets aren’t leaking and if they are, it might be time to replace worn out washers or bad cartridges. It’s also a good idea to remove the screen and rinse out any sediment that has built up which can cause weaker water pressure over time.


You can prevent major drain issues by using strainers in sinks, showers and tubs. This will help prevent hair and other foreign debris from getting caught in the pipes and causing backups. If you’re already dealing with a slow drain, we suggest using a snake to clear out debris rather than using a chemical drain cleaner which can cause major destruction in your plumbing system.


Keep an eye out for rusted or discolored pipes as these are both indications they are on their last legs. You’ll also want to make sure that pipes exposed to cooler temperatures are insulated properly to avoid freezing and bursting.


Become familiar with where your main water shutoff valve is located in the house. This will be of great importance should you experience any type of leak or overflow anywhere in the house. Identifying a leak and taking action right away is your best line of defense against water damage and any other issues that might arise.

Plumbing Maintenance in Carnegie

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