How Your Plumbing Attracts Pest

How Your Plumbing Attracts Pest

When you think of reasons pests may try to make your house their new home, you probably think of leaving the trash open outside, improperly storing food in your garage, and simply living in a neighborhood that’s prone to visiting critters?

But what if we told you that your plumbing system could be to blame for the creepy crawlies in your basement? If you’re not careful, that system, meant to make your life easier, can actually cause you more stress.

How Your Plumbing Attracts Pest

Pests Like Damp Areas

Have you had a steady leak from an exposed pipe in your basement or crawl space? These spaces are already enticing to pests since they are typically dark and don’t see a lot of foot traffic. Add in a leak that provides them with a water source, and you’ve essentially invited them in!

Termites Prefer Wet Wood

If there are leaks happening inside your walls, the wood structures of your home can get wet as a result — a termite’s favorite snack. Since wet, weaker wood is easier for them to eat, termites seek out these areas that provide them with a delicious dinner. The thing is, leaks inside your walls are harder to spot, so you may not notice the issues right away.

Pets Need Hiding Places

If leaks in your home make your insulation soft and damp, they become perfect hiding spots for rodents and other pests. Just like the wet wood, these areas are hard to spot, so you’ll want to hire a professional plumber to inspect your home for any potential leaks that could be attracting pests.

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