Is My House Haunted?

Is My House Haunted?

Every October, people will break out the scary movies that featured homes with creaking floors, flickering lights, ice cold rooms, and more terrifying features. That can lead some easily-spooked people to think their homes may be haunted if it has any similarities to the houses in those movies.

But you don’t have to get concerned that there’s an evil spirit living in your guest room. There are plenty of explanations as to why your house seems haunted.

Cold Spots

Scary movies will have you believe that cold spots in your home are tell-tale signs that there’s a ghost present. In reality, cold spots are just a sign of inefficient heating. They’re caused by leaks in your ductwork that prevent warm air from reaching certain areas of your home.

Cold spots can also be the result of closed or blocked air vents. If you closed the vents in a certain room or the vent is blocked by furniture, warm air can’t get to those rooms and you’ll be left with cold spots around your home.

Odd Smells

Sure zombies and ghouls can leave behind gross odors, but that’s not what’s causing the smells in your home. Often, those funky smells are coming from your home systems. Gas-furnaces and appliances can suffer from gas leaks and cause your home to smell like rotten eggs. (Since gas leaks are very dangerous, you have those checked and fixed ASAP.)

If anything gets caught in your garbage disposal, you could also get stuck with some gross smells. It’s important to keep certain foods out of your disposal and clean it regularly to prevent it from getting clogged and keep food from getting stuck to the sides of your unit.

Dripping Water

Try to think of one basement in a horror movie that didn’t feature dripping water somewhere in the room. You probably can’t. Dripping water from pipes around your home are tell-tale signs that you have a leak, which can cost you a lot of money on your utility bills. Plus, that pipe can burst and create a big mess in your home. You’re better off getting leaks fixed sooner rather than later.

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