Plumbing Tips for Summer

Plumbing Tips for Summer

Happy first day of summer! The warmer months are a prime time for plumbing problems to rear their ugly head. Protect your property from a serious summer plumbing breakdown by following these tips.

Clean Up After Your Barbecue: Summertime is an ideal time for a BBQ. As you bring your dishes inside to clean up, be mindful of what you are putting in your garbage disposal. Food particles are a leading cause of clogged drains, which can ultimately lead to greater plumbing issues throughout the house.

Inspect Your Laundry: Trips to the beach and camping sites are definitely more frequent in the warm months. Make sure to shake out your laundry before throwing it into the washing machine, to remove any sand, rocks or debris that may have been stuck inside. These items can be very harsh on your machine and can cause significant damage in the form of cracks or bulges in the hose.

Check Your Garden: Did you plant a new tree this spring? New tree growth can cause roots to make their way to your sewer line, which is the greatest water source. If you suspect any damage, turn to the professionals immediately to avoid a disaster!

Turn Down That Thermostat: During the winter months, it’s necessary to have your water heater temperature turned up a bit. But in the warmer weather, turning it down will not only save you some money on your utility bills, but will help protect your unit from experiencing extra wear and tear.

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