Preparing Your AC for Storms

Preparing Your AC for Storms

While Pittsburgh isn’t too familiar with hurricanes, being in a landlocked state, even PA can have pretty bad storms every now and again. You’re smart, so we know that you have your emergency plan ready to handle rough weather, but that probably doesn’t include how to handle your HVAC system.

When it comes to preparing your AC for storms, here are a few steps you should take.

Pump Your Home with More Cool Air

Unless you have a standby generator, if a storm knocks out your home’s power, the first appliance you’re going to really start missing this time of year is your air conditioner.

If you want to avoid weathering a storm sitting in your own sweat, lower your thermostat a bit so your home is colder than usual. This way, even if the AC shuts off, your home won’t feel so warm as quickly.

Protect Your Outdoor Condenser Unit

Big storms can have heavy winds that can launch branches and other debris into your AC’s outdoor condenser unit. Since that debris can make itself into your unit and damage the inside components or simply just bang against the chest, it’s best to cover your condenser with plywood and a tarp.

Tie Outdoor Units Down

If your outdoor AC unit is on a raised platform or second story, use hurricane or storm straps to secure it down. High winds can knock the AC off its platforms and result in you’re having to purchase an entirely new unit.

Turn the Electricity Off

If you do lose power, your AC can get a surge of energy one it comes back on, which can end up damaging your unit. It’s safest to turn off your electricity for a short while after the storm to prevent any power surges from harming your HVAC system or other appliances.

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