Preparing Your Home for Summer

Preparing Your Home for Summer

Everyone loves the arrival of summertime! There’s nicer weather, you get to spend more time with the kids, and there’s plenty of time to jet off on vacation. While we’re sure you’re ready to welcome the warm weather, is your home? There are a few things you should do now in order to prepare your home for summer.

Check Your Roof

All that winter weather may have had a rough impact on your roof, so at the very least, take a walk around your home and look for any roof damage. This can include torn, warped, or missing shingles or damaged flashing, fascia, or gutters. Since, yes, your gutters fall under this category, you should also clean them out to better prepare for any future rainstorms.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

The last thing you want to have happen is to go to turn on your AC on a hot day and realize it’s not working. Schedule an AC tune-up now so, when you need your air conditioner, it’s in great shape and ready to keep you and your family cool.

Inspect Your Outdoor Plumbing

Take a good look at your hoses, outside faucets, and sprinkler systems. If you notice any leaks, malfunctions, or damage, it’s important to have those problems fixed sooner rather than later. Not only does this prevent those issues from becoming worse, but it can also help save you water and money if there are any leaks.

Check Your Attic

Without the proper insulation, all the heat that can build up in your attic during summer can make its way into your home, counteracting your AC’s efforts. If you noticed your insulation is on the thinning side, consider having it replaced or installing more.

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