Prepping Your AC for Spring

Prepping Your AC for Spring

After a rough winter, it’s surprising to see the spring weather getting so warm so quickly. Soon enough, it will be time to turn on your AC to help deal with the burning summer heat. Since you shouldn’t (read: can’t) just flip a switch and start up your unit after so many months of having it off, follow these tips for prepping your AC for spring.

Replace the Filters

This is the easiest step. If your filters are dirty or clogged, your unit won’t be able to run efficiently, if at all, and will end up costing you more in energy bills. Not to mention, you’ll be circulating dust to your home. Replace your filters before you start up your AC.

Clean the Condenser Coils

On central AC units, the condenser is usually located outside and looks like a giant fan inside a metal box with grilles on the side. The coils are under the fan, so remove the grilles, and use a soft brush on a vacuum to get debris off of the coils. It’s very important to not bend the fins, so you may want to call the professionals for this job.

Clean Away Debris

Scoop out leaves that may be on or in your unit, and use a vacuum and rag to clean the fan’s blades. Oil any motorized parts, reassemble the condenser, and cut away any weeds that may interfere with the airflow of your AC.

Check the Coolant Lines

The refrigerator pipes that run from your air handler to your condenser are usually wrapped in foam insulation to prevent energy waste. If you notice any areas where the foam is torn, worn down, or missing, replace it by wrapping the lines with foam insulation tape.

If you’re prepping your AC for spring and notice it isn’t running properly, contact Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We can perform AC maintenance or repairs for you in a timely manner, so you can stay cool in your home. For HVAC help in your home, call us at (412) 265-2662