Preventing a Christmas Tree Fire

Preventing a Christmas Tree Fire

Ah, the holidays! Now is the time when everyone hauls their decorations down from the attics, fuels their days with hot cocoa, and decks the halls to the nines. And if you’re like most, one of the focal points of your home decorating scheme will be your Christmas tree.

If you’re opting for the fresh scent of pine from a real tree — versus a plastic fake one — then you need to make sure you do everything possible to prevent any fires from occurring.

Tips for Preventing a Christmas Tree Fire

Chose a Fresh Tree

When you and the family head out to choose this year’s tree, make sure to choose a fresh one. Look for bright, green, flexible needles — these are typically found on those that have been recently cut down. Avoid trees that already have brown or discolored needles as these have already started to dry out.

Keep It Hydrated

Once your tree is in place, make sure to keep it hydrated. You should first aim to put it in a stand that has a large water reservoir and then replenish the water every other day to ensure proper hydration. You can check if the tree is getting enough water by shaking it and seeing if needles fall out. If they do, you need to provide your tree with more water.

Keep It Away from Heat

Don’t place your tree next to any radiators, baseboards, or vents that your heating system uses to warm your home. By having warm air constantly blown onto it, your tree can begin to dry out and potentially catch fire.

Be Careful with Your Lights

Before you even place the lights on your tree, inspect them carefully. Lights with broken bulbs or frayed wires should be safely discarded — otherwise, they could spark and cause a fire within the tree.

You should make sure to unplug the lights before you go to sleep. The last thing you need is to wake up to the fire alarm going off.

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