Reasons You Need to Check Your Condensate Line

Reasons You Need to Check Your Condensate Line

If we had to guess, the three components of your cooling system that you would be able to easily recognize are your condenser, your filter, and your thermostat. However, there is another part that you should not only educate yourself on but also check regularly: your condensate line. As an important part of your cooling system, there are plenty of reasons to regularly inspect this piece.

Clogs and Leaks

Your condensation line is responsible for removing extra moisture from your cooling system. However, if debris gets lodged in the pipe, the line can become clogged and moisture won’t be able to leave your unit. If this happens, and too much moisture remains in your unit, it can cause your air conditioner to freeze up, or all the excess water can leak out of your unit and cause a big mess.

When you inspect your condensate line, there should be a small amount of moisture coming off of it. If the line is dry, you may have a clog that will need to be repaired.

Mold Growth

Another problem that can come about due to a clogged condensate line is mold growth. The more moisture remains in your unit, better chance mold has of growing inside it. If you notice that your air conditioner is giving off a smell similar to a locker room or mildew, one of the places you should check is the condensate line. If it does have mold, shut off your unit and have repairs made immediately so no one in your home breathes in that growth.

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