Show Your Bathroom Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Show Your Bathroom Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of love. As you think of ways to celebrate with your loved ones this weekend, don’t forget that your home might needs a little extra love and care this winter too.

Although we often overlook our bathroom, here are a few plumbing updates to make this February.

Simple Bathroom Updates:

  • Update Your Faucet Fixtures – Outdated faucet fixtures can make your bathroom appear older than it is. This simple (and affordable) update is a great way to give your bathroom a little TLC.
  • Install Eco-Friendly Shower Heads – You can save water and energy by upgrading to an eco-friendly fixture that saves water, while still keeping a steady water pressure.
  • Add Storage – Clutter can be frustrating. Make sure that your bathroom has plenty of storage options so that you can keep your bathroom counters clean and clear.
  • Improve Lighting – A poorly lit bathroom can make morning prep difficult. Adding some focus lighting can help you see your bathroom in a whole new light.

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