Showering Tips for Halloween Night

Showering Tips for Halloween Night

this Halloween, we’re sure you’re going to don your best costume and watch a few YouTube tutorials to get your makeup just right. But once the trick or treating is done and all the apples have been bobbed for, you’re going to want to come home, wash away all the paint and glitter, and settle down for a good night’s sleep. To make that easier, follow these showering tips for Halloween night.

Use the Right Kind of Products

Some materials wash off much easier than others. If you’re decorating a child’s face, it may be a better idea to use washable face paint so clean up at the end of the night goes a bit easier and quicker. If the design is going on someone a bit old, costume makeup will work just fine, since they’ll have the patience needed to get it all off later.

Have Makeup Remover Handy

Have a pack of makeup remover wipes or a bottle of makeup-removing cleanser ready to use when you come home. These products will help get your costume makeup off quicker than soap and a paper towel would.

Get Ready to Exfoliate

All that makeup or paint can settle into your skin and end up causing breakouts or irritation. Use a gentle exfoliant to get rid of any dirt or products that may have sunk into your pores, so your skin is clean and refreshed.

Wash Your Shower

It may sound silly, but after everyone has washed off the remaining parts of their costume, wash your tub with a non-abrasive product to prevent any bits of makeup or skin flakes from sticking to your tub, tiles, and drain.

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