Signs of a Chimney Flue Draft

Signs of a Chimney Flue Draft

Fireplaces are perfect for cool December nights. Especially with the holiday season upon us, lighting a fire in your living room fireplace could be a great centerpiece or source of extra warmth. However, be on the lookout for these signs that you might have a drafty chimney.

Chimney Draft Signs:

  • You Smell Smoke – If you smell smoke even when you aren’t using your fireplace, this is a sign that you need to correct your drafty chimney.
  • Your Room Gets Smokey – It’s normal for some smoke to appear when starting a fire, but if you’re looking to light your fire place and smoke starts spilling into your room to start up, you might have a problem with a drafty chimney.
  • Dampness Appears – If your chimney flue is damp, this could be a humidity issue or it could be a sign that your flue isn’t sealed well.

If you have problems with your chimney, it might be that it is too big, too small, too small, or it has a leak. If you have any problems with your home heating system this winter, you can contact our professional HVAC technicians.

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