Signs You Have a Main Sewer Issue

Signs You Have a Main Sewer Issue

When you think of plumbing clogs in your home, you probably think of paper clogging a toilet, hair clogging shower drain, or food lodged in your kitchen sink. However, there’s another system you should pay a little closer attention to: your sewer main. These are several signs that you have a sewer main issue that should be repaired sooner rather than later.

Fixtures Backup to Each Other

Do you notice that, when you flush your toilet, water seeps out of your shower drain? A common sign that you have a main sewer issue is that multiple fixtures will back up at the same time. This is because the main sewer line those fixtures are supposed to drain to is clogged, leading to your water back up.

You Have Multiple Clogs

If you only notice that single sink in your home is clogged, that can often be resolved by taking care of that particular drain. However, if you have two sinks, a shower, and a toilet clogged, the problem likely lies with your main sewer line. You’ll have to have it cleared as soon as possible in order to avoid further problems with your fixtures.

There are Changes to Your Lawn

Another main indicator that you have a sewer line issue is noticeable changes to your lawn. Since clogs in your sewer line can lead to leaks underneath the ground, you may notice your lawn starts to look brown in certain areas or that parts of your yard are muddier due to the excess water.

If you suspect you may be dealing with a main sewer issue, contact the expert plumbers at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing today for help!