Signs Your Ac Is Increasing Your Energy Bills

Signs Your Ac Is Increasing Your Energy Bills

Isn’t it painful when you have to shell out half (if not more) of your paycheck to cover home care costs, such as your water or electric bills? We bet you would take any opportunity you could to lower your utility costs, right? Well, there’s something you can do — check your HVAC system. With a little digging, you could start to notice the signs your AC is increasing your energy bills.

Signs Your AC is Increasing Your Energy Bills

There’s no stable temperature.

If you’re noticing that your home rarely feels consistently cool, but rather has periods of feeling warm than cool then back to warm and so on, your AC isn’t working properly and is costing you more money.

Your cooling your entire house.

Older HVAC systems typically have one setting that runs on one cycle, meaning you could be cooling parts of your home that don’t need to be cooled. Does the guest bedroom you use twice a year need to be chilly? No, it doesn’t.

Your home still feels humid with the AC on.

Your AC helps dehumidify your home, so if you’re still feeling sticky or sweaty when it’s on, it’s not doing its job and is just increasing your energy bills.

Your utilities are going up.

Unless you suddenly started running two more refrigerators in your home, your energy bill likely stays around the same amount each month. If you notice it’s going up, your AC may be to blame.

Your system is close to 10 years old.

Older systems weren’t made with the same energy-efficient modifications as newer systems were. If your system is approaching its 10th birthday, your AC is increasing your energy bills more than a newer system would.

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