Spring Maintenane Checklist

Spring Maintenane Checklist

It’s technically been spring for a couple of weeks now, and that means it’s time for some spring cleaning. But where do you start? Before you tackle tedious tasks like cleaning out your closets and dusting every inch of your home, take a few minutes to check these important items off your spring maintenance checklist.

Check Your Roof

The winter cold and snow might have done a number on your roof these past few months. Now that it’s nice and sunny, take a stroll around your home, and inspect your shingles. If you notice that any shingles are torn, buckled, or missing, you should get them repaired or replaced right away. Damaged or missing shingles can make for leaks, water damage, and even unwelcome critters in your home.

Check Your Outdoor Faucets

If the pipes inside your home can freeze while being protected by walls and indoor heating, then the pipes on the outside of your home have an even rougher time. Check your hose faucets for damage by running the water and placing your thumb over the opening. If you can stop the water flow, the pipe supplying the water is probably frozen and will need to be replaced.

Service Your HVAC Units

Once it gets warm outside, it’s time to turn off your furnace and turn on your AC. When performing either of these tasks, you should call an HVAC technician to inspect and service your unit to ensure it is in tip-top shape for the road ahead. There’s nothing worse than going to turn on your AC on a hot day, only to realize that it isn’t working.

Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing can provide your home with quality, affordable HVAC maintenance in the Pittsburgh metro area. We can even help you with those frozen hose faucets if you need us. For a happy home this spring, #GetWahl, and call (412) 265-2662.