We Have a Free Furnace Winner!

We Have a Free Furnace Winner!

A little birdy (or a few advertisements) may have told you that last December, we held a contest to give away a free furnace to a homeowner in need. Well, after carefully reading and considering a number of applications and stories, we finally decided on a winner: Amanda R. of Sharon, PA.

Amanda’s Story

Due to a serious illness, Amanda is physically handicapped and confined to her wheelchair. Since her furnace is located in her basement and she is unable to get downstairs to maintain it, she wasn’t able to change her filter. This caused her furnace to overheat and breakdown — leaving her without heat while the temperatures outside dropped to below zero.

Unfortunately, Amanda also had no means to afford the repair costs for her furnace nor the higher cost of replacing it with a new unit. Ultimately, we are so happy to have chosen her as the winner of our free Rheem Furnace Installation.

The Installation

On February 5, 2019, our team headed over to Amanda’s home and installed a brand new Rheem furnace as well as a new thermostat to go with it. We also made all the necessary duct modifications for the new system and included a free Aprilaire Media air cleaner. Since Amanda also has some breathing issues, this will help keep the air clean for her.

The air cleaner will also mean that Amanda’s air filter will only have to be changed once every six months. One of our technicians will be back to change Amanda’s filter in six months time.

Here’s a shot of Amanda’s old furnace:


Here’s the new furnace we installed for her:


Special Shoutouts

We would like to say a huge “thank you” to our Service Technician, Brad, and our two Installers, Tony and Alex. They all did an amazing job at helping with the entire process.

Our own Jennifer Wahl also deserves praise for coming up with this contest idea in the first place!

Future Events

We are so looking forward to helping more people in our area! Our next upcoming event is the KDKA Warmathon on February 14th and 15th. We’ll be raising money to help people pay their utility bills.

When we work together, we can help people stay warm when the weather outside is frightful. Remember, share the love and share the heat!