What Every New Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Heating System

What Every New Homeowner Needs to Know About Their Heating System

Congratulations — you’re a new homeowner! You’re probably excited to start decorating your living room, pick out a new kitchen backsplash, and pair your bath towels to match your shower curtain. Amidst all that excitement, don’t forget the parts of your home that are there to keep you comfortable!

Here are a few things every new homeowner should know about their heating system.

You Need to Replace the Filters

Your air filters are very simple but very important parts your home’s heating system since they keep dirt and debris out of your unit. However, if they’re not replaced or cleaned once they’re dirty, they can strain your system. Replace them each month to keep your system in tip-top shape.

You Shouldn’t Close Your Vents

While some people think that closing off vents will stop air from going to unnecessary rooms, that’s not the case. Closing off return vents can cause a buildup of air pressure and potentially damage your system, so keep those vents open.

Your Ductwork Matters

Even if your heating unit itself is in great shape, bad ductwork with cracks or leaks can cause more problems. Have your ductwork inspected to ensure it’s not causing energy (and money) loss.

DIY Isn’t Always Best

You may be tempted to try fixing your heating system yourself to save money on a professional repair but that can have some negative consequences. DIY work can sometimes worsen the problem or even void your system’s warranty. Having the issue handled by the pros is always worth the money.

For all your heating repair and replacement needs, call the experts at Wahl. With over 35 years of service to the Pittsburgh metro area, we have the knowledge to get your system back up and running at an affordable cost.