When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

An electric panel is the heart of your home’s circuitry, so don’t wait until you see sparks to upgrade your system.

Why Should I Upgrade my Electric Panel?

Safety – Older homes were originally designed with about 50 amp for the entire house. Speed ahead to today, and homes use quadrupedal that amount to accommodate everything from central air to multiple television sets. Systems that can’t handle the amount of electricity being used are likely to overload the circuit and could cause a fire.

Power – An upgraded system means more power will flow to your entire house and you are less likely to blow a fuse if several high power things are running at once.

Resale – Thinking of selling your home? Upgrading your electrical system can really increase your home’s resale value.

When Should I Upgrade?

You should update your electrical panel if you notice:

  • Your circuit breakers frequently trip.
  • The lights dim when you turn on other appliances.
  • You use adapters or extension cords for additional outlet space.

It can also be dangerous if your circuit breaker doesn’t trip when the circuit is overloaded. The problem is usually that there is a loose connection somewhere in the circuit, but many homeowners replace it with a larger circuit breaker than the wire can support. This can also be a major fire safety risk.

Can I do This Myself?

Save the DIY jobs for yard work or painting, not electrical. It’s not only unsafe for untrained homeowners to work with electrical wiring, but can also end up being extremely costly if done wrong.

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