Where is My HVAC Filter Located?

Where is My HVAC Filter Located?

We tell you time and time again how important it is to change the air filters in your HVAC unit. But it occurred to us that not everyone may know exactly where their air filters are located in their heating and cooling system.

Depending on the type of unit you have, your HVAC filter could be located in a few different spots.

Vertical Units

Vertical systems are usually placed in small basements or crawl spaces. If that’s where yours is located, look for the filter slot on the top or bottom of your unit, depending if they are up-flow or down-flow units.

Horizontal Units

Because of their size, these units are usually placed in your attic, larger basement, or garage. They’re usually placed on a raised platform or are suspended from the ceiling, so the filter will likely be on the air return side of the unit.

Wall or Ceiling Register

HVAC systems with wall or ceiling returns offer the easiest time finding your air filters. To swap the old for new filters, simply locate air grille, unhinge the grille, and replace the filters. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

HVAC Filter Tips

Know What Type of Filter Best Suits You

A traditional fiberglass filter may be perfectly fine for your home, but if you have heavy allergies or a few pets, you may be better off with a filter that pulls more particles from your air.

Set Reminders for Replacements

Whether it be a note on a paper calendar or a notification on your phone, give yourself a physical reminder to replace your filters every month. You can even write the day you change the filter on the filter itself so you don’t forget when the last replacement was.

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