Why Does My Toilet Smell So Bad?

Why Does My Toilet Smell So Bad?

Does your toilet constantly have a gross smell coming from it, even when no one has used it for a while? While you would probably love to blame it on your Grandpa George and his high-fiber diet, the issue is probably bigger than bodily functions. Here are a few reasons why your toilet may smell bad.

There’s No Water in the P-Trap

You’ll notice that the pipe behind your toilet has a dip in it — that’s where water typically sits. If the toilet isn’t used for a while (perhaps it’s in a vacation home or guest room) the water can evaporate and cause the toilet to smell bad. You can usually fix this by flushing the toilet a few times to refresh the water supply.

The Drain is Clogged

Over time, small clogs can form in the toilet drain and as bacteria grows on it, the smell can get pretty bad. You’ll need to clear the clog to get rid of the smell.

The Vent Pipe is Clogged

The vent pipe connects your plumbing to allow air to flow through it and ventilate sewer gases. If this pipe gets clogged, the sewer gases won’t have anywhere to go but back to your toilet, causing a gross smell. If you discover the vent pipe is clogged, call a plumber to clear it.

Sewer Bacteria is Seeping into the Toilet

Especially during summer, bacteria from your sewer line can sometimes cling to and grow in your toilet bowl causing nasty smells. Thankfully, this is easily remedied by pouring a couple of cups of bleach down your toilet and flushing it to kill the bacteria.

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